Ultimate Sticky Roller
Ultimate Sticky Roller
Ultimate Sticky Roller
Ultimate Sticky Roller
Ultimate Sticky Roller

Ultimate Sticky Roller

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  • Superior Quality - Why waste money and guess with similar looking pictures on the internet? The exact material makes all the difference, not just the color, and other options are known to be flimsy and ineffective. Years of happy customers have proven that ours works incredibly well, and it lasts for the long haul.

  • Storage Cover - A thick, plastic sheath slides on and off to keep the roller clean and undamaged when not in use. You can guarantee this tool will be ready when you need it.

  • Totally Reusable - Eco-friendly and wallet friendly at the same time. It's silly to waste money on all of those tape refills when you could get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Because you won't throw away the tool, or the spent rolls, you will eliminate unnecessary trash.

  • Long Lasting - The quality material and sturdy handle will allow for tons of use with out wearing out, or becoming ineffective.


    • Ergonomic Handle for Handheld Clean
    • Optimal Adhesive: Remove Without Damaging the Fabric
    • No Refills Required
    • Portable and Convenient
    • Easy to Clean
    • Wide Application


    Because it's safe for any surface, you can use this tool to clean almost any surface. Simply roll forward with slight pressure, and you can easily lift up all sorts of grime. It will not harm any material, and is effective on any light dirt, but use the list below to get any idea of what it can handle.

    • Clothing - Eliminate hair and lint in a single pass.
    • Vehicle - Get dog fur off your seats or dust off your dashboard.
    • Furniture - Remove fur from sofas and chairs.
    • Pet Beds - Quickly clean where your dog or cat spends most of their time.
    • Bed Spreads - Not easy to toss in the wash, quickly lift debris to clean without laundering.
    • Curtains - Remove dust, hair and other stuff without moving them, or taking them down.
    • Sewing Rooms - Lift up yarn, thread, fuzzy stuff and other small scraps with ease.


    No special technique is required, and you use this one just like any traditional alternative. Rolling back and forth will get the job done, but following the unique maintenance instructions will help to ensure longevity, and make sure it's always sticky when needed.

    1. Prior to cleaning, inspect the roller to ensure it is free of moisture and dirt. Invisible residues and fine particles can affect performance, but a clean dry tool will guarantee good results.
    2. To remove dust, lint, fur or anything similar, simply use the roller to go over the top with a back and forth motion. Minimal pressure is required to prevent multiple passes.
    3. Once coated, or once the surface is clean, rinse under warm water to release the stuff you picked up. Warm water expands the material to release the debris.
    4. Allow to completely dry for later use. If getting back to work right away, use a non-linting cloth to dry and keep working.
    5. A storage sheath is included. Remove for use, and replace for storage. A groove on the top side will align with a long tab on the tool, so it stays on securely.
    6. Throw in a drawer, glove box or closet and the cover keeps it clean. Use the hanging hole to keep it within sight, and off the ground.
    7. The stickiness may reduce over time, but this will only be due to a coating that you can't see. Invisible residues and fine particles can cover the material, but washing with soap and water will remove them to bring the sticky back.


            • Material: 70% ABS, 30% Thermo-Plastic-Rubber
            • Color: Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ Pink
            • Size: 17 x 11.5 cm

              PACKAGE INCLUDED

              • 1 * Sticky Buddy


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